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D.O Admissions: Can I get in?

Below are the MCAT and GPA’s for D.O. applicants and matriculants for 2017 and 2018. Source Data

GPA and MCAT of D.O. applicants and matriculants

Use of each tool

Interactive graphic: The AAMC collects information on what resources students use to study for the MCAT.Source data.

An average of 76.7 and 62% of students studied with practice tests and preperation books from the AAMC and commercial companies respectively.

Link to interative medical school tuition plot

Browse tools and respondent data: Scores have been averaged across the years that are available. “Percentage” represents what proportion of respondents used each tool. Use is measured by “Not useful”, “Somewhat useful”, “Useful”, and “Very useful”.

Link to interactive table of study tools


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