Scores and Schools


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Acceptance rates, GPA & MCAT

The graph below shows the number of accepted students and their scores when they applied. Of all applicants who applied with identical scores, “acceptance rate” reflects those which got into at least one medical school. The heat bar on the right indicates how many students were accepted with those particular scores.

This graph shows the tight field of applicants. To see the nuance of the ethnic/racial background of applicants and their state of origin, scroll further down. Source

Zooming further in…

From the two sets of graphs below, I hope you can get a good idea of your position in the field of applicants. Remember, most everybody applying to medical school is very qualified, so it’s best to see how you match up compared to similar applicants. Remember, ~42% of applicants get into at least 1 school! Don’t freak out.


For the graphs below, the number of applications/matriculants from each race/ethnicity is used to generate a distribution from the mean and standard deviation of their MCAT and total GPA’s. Source: 1

American Indian or Alaskan Native


Black or African American

Hispanic, Latino or of Spanish Origin

Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander